Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new: Toujours


Toujours hypno-headphonics landed in my inbox this weekend. Minimal in nature, Toujours seems to be crafting dance music much in line with Burial and The Sight Below, in that it's more suited for self-medicated bedroom hypnosis than strobe-lite clubs. That said, his tunes reek of some stanky remix cologne, and are prime pallets that noted remixers like Gold Panda and Teengirl Fantasy would seemingly drool over. No surprise either that Toujours follows Ghostly's SoundCloud page, as he certainly dabbles in Detroit minimalism on"Impact '66" (collab w*th redwave) and "Topper", though his style seems much more rooted in Pacific Coast hypnogogia ("Time for Somebody"). That said, Toujours isn't afraid of mixing it up, as the "melttttt mix" of "Time for Somebody," a nearly 20-minute long ambient remix, fittingly proves.

Time for Somebody (melttttt mix) by Toujours

Time for Somebody by Toujours

Impact '66 by Toujours

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