Wednesday, August 25, 2010

videos: Outer Limits Recordings

Cameos Galore

Those following Sam M's musical trajectory are in for a doozey with Outer Limits Recordings. On the heels of the wonk'd drudgery that defined Flashback Repository and the neon-decay of Matrix Metals is Mehran's latest development, a retro-futurist take on VHS-warped proto-pop. Where his prior works fell into heavy narco-landscapes, OLR is more a playful, almost humorous, take on the Top of the Pops. Easily the most accessible tunage Sam's released, at times OLR feels like the joke is on, well, everybody, as these guys are having way too much fun.

"Burnin" is a Casio jammer with bits of slicing wah warbles that hits the same taste buds as sweedish fish when your on two double stacks and you can't find any water. Whistles and slap-funk guitar riffs really elevate this one to car stereo status.

"Julie" is the haunted love ballad. The vibe is tainted from the start, giving me the impression that this love for Julie is really lust for a sex doll. No, this is not Lars and the Real Girl. More an imagined blow-up doll created in the throws of another endless night fucking with technology and intoxicants.

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's "$20 Bills." Another in this series that proves these dudes are having more fun than just about anyone in America. Not to self: stop taking things so srsly. Srsly.


RICHARD said...

wish my life was like this

RICHARD said...

also wish i could keep up with all these vids


rad dudes

Anonymous said...

Why is James Ferraro in the Tag?

Anonymous said...

Why is James Ferraro in the tag?

Anonymous said...

nevermind, i see that its sub-title is cameos galore. i get it. Sorry, i didnt get it before.