Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mp3: Cascaders "Time Test"

Slob City

From neath the shadows of Mt. St. Helen's, Cascaders slaloms through rifts and rivers, occassionally peering up at the sky to guess the time. "Time Test" is another sojourn journey from the Pac North transplant, currently exiled to Slob City, just west of Garbage Town. While those adjectives may conjur visions of grey-scale noise dirges, "Time Test" is actually the exact opposite; the bioluminescent polar opposite to the globs of oil collecting in the Newtown Creek.

Cascaders "Time Test" will appear on the first Curatorial Club compilation, tentatively titled SummerSummerSummerSummerBeachBeachBeachBeachChillChillChillChillWaveWaveWaveWave.
More news on that very soon.

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