Monday, August 16, 2010

Mix: For the Weed Smokers: Da Mixtape


With medical weed distros popping up more rapidly than cases of West Nile, it seems highly appropriate that epic hip-hop blog Twankle & Glisten drop For the Weed Smokers: Da Mixtape. Mixed by DJ Kid Slizzard, the "5th and ultimate Twankle & Glisten cassettemix" kicks it old school, pre-Keyshia Cole strain, focusing on weeded out hits from Memphis to Cali to H-Town. It's basically a 90-minute tutorial in blunted beats & weeded out vocabulary, and serves as an excellent primer for anyone looking to get schooled in coughee and dosha.

The cassette may be available in person from the T&G crew, or "the young burn outs of Gnar Tapes & Shit," but if you can't find it their, feel free to manufacture your own, as T&G provide j-card formatted cover art and 45-minute sides to fit perfectly on a C-90 mixtape.

Twankle & Glisten/DJ Kid Slizzard presents For the Weed Smokers: Da Mixtape

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