Tuesday, April 13, 2010

comp: Various Deficiencies Vol.1

"Hey Sue"
Jonathan from Blackburn Recordings has been telling me about this killer comp he's been set to release since we randomly bumped into each other at the Shake Some Action Ethiopean jam during SXSW. I was pretty stoked about it at the time, but that may have been because the dude manning the keg in the parking lot went inside and I kept pumping the keg myself. Either way, was a real pleasant surprise to get my computer back today and simultaneously get an email from Jonathan with the comp. Various Deficiencie Vol.1 hits like a massive headwind bulldozzing down Norman Ave, a heady combination of rough and tumble garbage blowing amongst the translucent blue radiation spewing from the Newtown Creek. It's tough to pin down, but there are some serious heavy hitters involved, including Big Troubles, Cloud Nothings, City Center, Sleep Over, Coasting, Sore Eros and many more. Peep the tracklist and download the comp below, you won't be sorry. In addition, the comp will also be available as a limited edition cassette in the near future, so keep your eyes/ears peeled for that one too.

Blackburn Recordings Presents...Various Deficiencies Vol.1
City Center - Grow Up Again
Big Troubles - Chalk Circles
Cloud Nothings - Leave You Forever
Campfires - Oh Golden Dawn
Sore Eros - Melting
Brett Marren - Love Is A Jawbreaker
Possum - Red Hot
Coasting - Snow Song (Live on WNYU)
Lame Drivers - Working Song
Metal Rouge - Fast Flora Lights
Cursillistas - Trail of Tears
sleep in sundays - Flour
Falsetto Boy - Hey Sue
mountainhood - Coney Island
Sleep Over - The Key
Island's Eyelids - Western Cameo
Sultan - There Goes My Girl


Mark Schoneveld said...

Great mix!

Unknown said...

Second that!

OESB said...

I thought SwimJams were lined up for this comp... what happened with that??

Anonymous said...

They totally bailed last minute. I tried to call their mom, but she didn't pick up.

haunted_sound_system said...

What a great comp! Thanks for sharing this.