Tuesday, April 6, 2010

mp3: SURVIVE "Lunar Eclipse"

"Holographic Landscape"

Spawned from the birth of star during a nuclear eclipse, SURVIVE dwell in corners neither seen, felt nor touched. Prefering to carve dreams out of the nascent subtlties oft overlooked by mere mortals, the group of knob-heads thrive on putting the beat in imagined future communities, the sort of virtual score music that feels like it should be included in Emilie Friedlander & Camilla Padget-Coles Field Notes. Spacial, and yet ripe for the floor, "Lunar Eclipse" is the result of kids from the Texas hill still hoping their Blade Runner/Demolition Man fantasies will someday be fulfilled. (Fingers crossed.) SURVIVE's self-titled debut is currently available from Light Lodge, the same great Austin label responsible for Silver Pines and Pure Ecstasy, as well as two banging SXSW showcases, and a slew of upcoming releases. Keep yr ears to the ground.

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