Thursday, April 1, 2010

tape: Tracey Trance


Six occult Iowa corn freakers lurk in the fields surrounding an abandoned carnival. Gased up on NO2 and unknown chemi-bits, tweakers hot wire the Jumbotron and take the old rusty mess for a spin. Wielding crackers and a pinch of fairy dust, a toeless wanderer spin kicks the gears into reverse, sending the gang ass backwards into a time-lapse-tilt-a-whirl. Lost somewhere in the frenetic energy of misaligned molecules, scattered bits of thrown sound ampli-fry in the luminous dawn light comes. The source; their leader, Tracey Trance, riding high on the steel bull, riffing hard on some jack-in-the-box tweakery. "Breaking the Streak."

Tracey Trance brings his three-year (infinite?) "microwavy gravy tour" to Brooklyn next week, with accomplice, and fellow soul child Taterbug.

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