Tuesday, April 6, 2010

video: Julian Lynch with Family Portrait


Harnessing the rays of a bright sun left stranded over weary plains, this house jam by Julian Lynch, featuring old homies Family Portrait, is the sort of dimly light magic you'd expect to exist only in a place far removed from the grid. The grass is a little longer and the sky is cluttered with massive schools of clouds trotting to their next destination. Subtle and refreshing, the wind blows, shaking everything in its path; hair, weeds, trees, birds. By the time the sun heads over the horizon, the landscape is frozen, serene. Only to be lifted up again in the morning, when the sun rises once again and begins nourishing the seeds its helped grow for thousands of years.

This video was shot at Ben's house in Madison, Wisconsin by Spencer Wells. Wish we could've been there for this one. Thx Spencer.

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Luka Usmiani said...

is that you, brody, with the moustache?

-L. Usmiani