Friday, April 30, 2010

new: How I Quit Crack

"Gone Away"

While purchasing the Silent Diane 7" from Answering Machine Records a few minutes ago, JJJV recommended I also pick up the How I Quit Crack single. Intrigued, I scoped the sound and was instantly flooded by synthetic goo crooning from a robotic pipe-organ somewhere under Gotham City. Wiccan drum machines build over frothing synths that make grandfather clocks stop beating. Her reworkings of Beatles and Nirvana tracks on MySpace are at one part haunting and disillusioned, while channeling inner-demons intrinsique to life in the 21st century. "Gone Away" is a spacier-poppier exploration, propelled by digital snares and Ernestina Forbis's alluring siren sound. Check out her YouTube list, 273 psych'd out videos strong.

Listen here.


JW said...

yo mcgregor "Wiccan" not "Wicken" propelled not "proppelled" "stop" not "stock"

Mark Schoneveld said...

Wow, that video is intense. Really dig it! Reminds me of this wacked-out Guy Maddin film I watched the other night. If you don't know "Twilight of the Ice Nymphs" I think you'd totally dig it, McG.

Anonymous said...

That is some intense fucking shit right there.