Friday, April 23, 2010

mp3: Future Shuttle "Birth of Europa"

"Fields of Dreams"
Birthed from an understanding that as humans we are born of the Earth, just as minerals, gems and tornados, Future Shuttle capture depths of humanity only seen when the surface is scratched away and we're left with nothing but a glowing core. Mystical envelopements structure their free-flying synth raga, channeling what is either an ethereal connection to Tibetan singing bowls or, simply, the wind. It's astonishing to think these zones are created by mere mortals, Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Jessa Farkas (and occassionally, Lizzie Harper) determined to exume life from a once dead shell of a globe. Future Shuttle will be our guests this week on Sunday Brunch on Newtown Radio, from 2-4pm.

Future Shuttle- Birth of Europa

In addition to warping the astral place with Future Shuttle, Camilla Padget-Coles (aka Ivy Meadows), along with Harry Painter, is the host of Arthur Radio. I had the pleasure of meandering into the studio last Sunday night at 9pm just after Transmission #14: Cave Crawling took off and was immediately transported to an alien world where I lost all concept of space, time and feeling. Absolutely unreal sound collage. Total psychic experience. Take the trip.

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