Monday, April 19, 2010

pics: Tortilla Factory / Home Sweet Home

"Los Hermanos"

Resting up after an incredibly hectic whirlwind of a weekend, it's hard to even recollect what exactly went down. Bullet points would probably read "Weed Hounds, Twin Sister & Pure Ecstasy played a tortilla factory, then "Pure Ecstasy and Eternal Summers played the Sunday Brunch radio show", and then "Pure Ecstasy and Run DMT turned Home Sweet Home into the mellowest, most psyched out basement bar this side of Moracco." Of course, Erez Avissar was there to capture most of the weekend in glorious hues.

Pure Ecstasy

Twin Sister

Weed Hounds

The scene @ Los Hermanos

PURE ECSTASY & RUN DMT at Home Sweet Home