Monday, April 26, 2010

video: Pure Ecstasy "Alexandria"

"Taco Power"

While I was running around like a mad man, Elise Oh, propreitress of Pixel Horse, was stationed front and center, capturing memories with a device that records moving images. (Quite the invention.) Pure Ecstasy were in the zone, all mellowed out and grooving while drunk mess' yelled weirdo shit like "Taco Power" and sang along (half out of tune) to "You're In It Now." By the time they slipped into "Alexandria," from their recently released 7" on Acephale, the vibe was overwhelming, as evidenced by the movements of rhythm section. Mellow thrashing. Snag the new 7" here, and make sure to play it at both speeds. Trust me.

Download a recording of the entire set here. (Recorded by Matt Johnson)

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Anonymous said...

fuck drunk crowds