Tuesday, January 5, 2010

video: Julian Lynch "Rancher"

"Orange You Glad"

Unlike many of his compadres, Julian Lynch shows in the tri-state area are anything but a dime a dozen. They don't come that often, but when they do, the masses congregate, filling backyards, bars, living rooms to the brim with excited and mystified energies. That was the case last night at the PopJew curated show at Bruar Falls, which served as both a warming shelter and venue for Julian to hold court. Backed by Martin Courtney (bass), Alex Bleeker (guitar), Evan Brody (keys) and Matt Mondanile (drums), the set, which ran through the Lynch canon, could be described as a family affair. Most likely the quintet have been working the kinks out of Julian's songs in a basement in Ridgewood over the past week, that is, of course, assuming that they didn't already know each of his songs by heart. Someday (soon) I suspect many more will know all these songs by heart. They belong in the heart.