Monday, January 4, 2010

new: The Treehouse, Wigflip Records

"A Place of Peace and Immersion"
Been talking up the burgeoning B-more collective consisting of Happy Family, Run DMT, Semya for a while, and now I'm happy to report that Will from Happy Family has started Wigflip Records, which will function as an outpost for the collectives recorded material. Wigflip is already hosting free full-length downloads of Run DMT's Bong Voyage, as well as the recent Run DMT/Happy Family collaborative mix tape Amanda Huggankiss.

While DMT & HF produce sample based hypnosis, The Treehouse, who has two EPs for free download on the Wigflip site, creates random collections of molecules that make one feel like they are living in an isolation tank. Wigflip describes it as "Chihei Hatakeyama meets Growing in the woods," which flipped my lid, and is a pretty choice description of the ambient stylings on The Roots The Sun and Songs About Little Things In Nature, which should give you an even better idea of the sort of sound Christoper Masciari crafts as The Treehouse.

While your at it, download Dygn + Happy Family's installation collaboration Barely Caring, which was "created for the bathroom at Soft Fest" in Baltimore this past October. Barely Caring is like the longest, deepest breath you've ever taken, looped for an hour while a Lunar tide pulls its heart strings back and forth, back and forth, until you wake up in bed holding a half eaten sandwich.