Tuesday, January 26, 2010

video: Matrix Metals "Flamingo Breeze, Pt. 4"

"Sam Meringue"

Virtual reality was never cool. In theory, buzzing off into a 3D-realm by virtue of placing a plastic mask over your eyes should've been killer. Throw in some lazer tag, a few insanely dark tunnels and your off into some Phillip K. Dick fantasy. That never seemed to be the case, but one could always imagine. Sort of how I feel about Matrix Metal's Flamingo Breeze LP, a whirlwind of salivating mind loops and flashback glitches, the sort of hiccups that roll down your spine, and result in your hands feeling really weird. Neverending waves of synthesized scores that could have been in the Robert Downey Jr.-Andrew McCarthy-Jamie Gertz classic Less Than Zero, if the movie was about SoCal rich brats with penchants for growing mescaline and wormwood rather than Porsche's and blow. Ivan Gaytan, who runs Irma Vep Tapes with our girl Madalyn Merkey, knows a little about said peyote drama, and dispels his knowledge through a visual zone so inebriated Robert Downey Jr. may mistake it for a home movie, travelogue he shot between 1996 to 2001.

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