Tuesday, January 12, 2010

show: Beach Fossils, Freaks, Cloud Nothings, Nude Beach

"Journey Through The Past"

As another Saturday night descends upon us, lets head down to the Monster Island Basement, and pretend its our very own fallout shelter. Sort of like that Christopher Walken/Brendan Frasier movie Blast From the Past, sans Alicia Silverstone, and plus a ton of cheap beer and kick ass bands. Y'all are probably already familiar with Beach Fossils and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, if your not, get acquainted now so you can sing-a-long or at least have the option of doing so. Speaking of sing-a-longs, Cloud Nothings, Cleveland's teenage wonderkids, whose basement pop sensibilities are steeped in anti-cool kid aesthetics. Like most of us, Cloud Nothings have probably spent more than a few nights driving aimlessly around their hometown, looking for something, anything, or nothing, to do. Their return to Brooklyn is especially notable as the last time they played, with Real Estate and Woods, they had the Market moving. Throw in Nude Beach from New Hope, aka Pennsylvania's classic freak outpost, and it's sure to be a blast. Did I mention this is a Chocolate Bobka & Group Tightener Party? Oh, well, it is, so yeah, it's definitely gonna rage. 8pm, $7. Game on.

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