Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mp3: The Twerps "Another One That Didn't Come"

"If It Wasn't For All The Gin"
Introduced via the Northern Autumn/Southern Spring #3 by the Rose Quartz folks, The Twerps have been in pretty consistent rotation over here. Highly melodic, addictive slow pop tunes with attitude, like smart young kids who really like Comet Gain but have more sex, and are from Australia (or maybe have more sex 'cause their from Australia?). Their recent release on Night People is full of undeniable headphone friends, like "Dance Alone" and its predecessor "Another One That Didn't Come." Meloncholic pop nuggets flooded with apathy and suburban melodrama. "Good Advice" kicks off the C30 and sets the tone, head in one hand, beer in the other. The most earnest sad kid jingle-jangles I've heard in a good while.

The Twerps- Another One that Didn't Come

The Twerps- Dance Alone (via Rose Quartz)

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derek helton said...

got the tape and the EP. once again turned my dollars into dreamy dreams