Sunday, January 10, 2010

tape: Holiday Shores "Air Glow"

"We Go"
Accompanying a cover of Arthur Russell's "Your Motion Says" on the Through The Thin Clouds tape, Holiday Shores "Air Glow" comes off as a treatise on Wild Combination, the haunting and riveting documentary about the experimental composer's life and times. For all its rousing movements, "Air Glow" often seems like it should be "Your Motion Says", a simple reworking of a tune so inherently complex it could never be fully understood in its own time. However, unlike Russell's native Iowa, "Air Glow" was produced on unsavory farm land, the type of place where only weeds and dreams grow. And yet, despite its trappings, it rises higher than any weeds or expectations could grow, sort of like an infinite bean stalk, on its way to a place where ideas are nurtured, blessed. Collected on the Through The Thin Clouds tape, if this is any indication of where Holiday Shores are headed, it'd be a good idea to make sure the stalk is watered daily and gets a lot of sunlight. The band was selling the Through the Thin Clouds tape on its Fall tour, however, a few copies still remain. Hit [pemberton.n at] for a copy up if your looking for a taste of the future.

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