Wednesday, January 6, 2010

mp3: Twin Sister

"When You Come Back Home"

I'm not sure if they know it but Twin Sister are funky as hell. Sort of like if Mad Lib got a hold of some Fagan-Becker reels while chilling at LSU (Louisiana Syrup University). Add soaring harmonies and a vision of vocalist and its no wonder STG named "I Want A House" one of the best songs of 2009, noting in their year end review that "The first half of this song is about how good it would be to move in with your lover. It's coo and thump, swing and lick; it's blue and rose." The bands Vampires With Dreaming Kids EP is available for free (yeah, do that now), as is a treasure trove of old songs, live shows, "bubble ideas", ring tones and a ton of other material worth delving into. I could go on and on about all the gems I've found within this vast collection (4 pages worth!), but that'd take all the fun out of the exploration, which I think is sort of the best part about Twin Sister. It's music for the people, in all the different ways we consume it, for all our scattered moods. A few choice songs for a zoned moods below.

Twin Sister have a bunch of upcoming shows in NYC/BK, including a Chocolate Bobka show with Pure Ecstasy, Family Portrait and Run DMT on January 29th at Bruar Falls. More on that later. Peep Twin Sister dates here.

Twin Sister- I Want a House (Dreaming of the future, a good one)
Twin Sister- All My Trials (hymnal ballad from the great beyond)
Twin Sister- Chewey In The Stars (score to an 8-bit graphic rendition of Logan's Run)
Twin Sister- Ginger (ready to take over New York City with only a quarter in hand)


(o ) (o ) said...

such a great find. thank you

JackCC said...

This is really great

Elise O said...

Hell yeah, the PIXELWHORES love fucking Twin Sister.

Unknown said...

Sooooo glad this band is getting attention. Kind of a "hometown pride" thing, really (most of the members went to the college I'm currently attending).

Mark Schoneveld said...

Twin Sister is definitely one of my favorite new bands - included them on my last mixtape: