Monday, January 25, 2010

new: Orphan Fairytale

(photos by Michael Keany)
Conk shell in ear, tide rolling gently through the night... all I want right now. That said, having heard Dolphins Into the Future recently played shows in Hawaii was sort of like hearing James Ferraro and Robert Fripp were doing a collaboration on the International Space Station. It's moments like when I really wish scientists would stop working on drugs to eliminate allergies and get to the important shit- jet packs, hover boards, consumer-grade space ships.

Future yearnings aside, I was pretty jealous that Bobka-friend Matthew McVickar, a mainland ex-pat living in Hawaii, was able to catch Lieven Marten in his spiritual home. Lieven headed to our most polynesian state with fellow Belgian's Orphan Fairytale and Eekhorn X, and apparently they are still there, which bodes well for anyone looking to immerse themselves in next level waves. Vickar knows I've got a thing for oceanic frequencies and was nice enough to pass along Orphan Fairytale's new tour CD-R Neverending Waves, which plays as a sort of cosmically linked, spiritual counterpart (or companion) to On Sea-Faring Isolation. A cassette version of Neverending Waves is set to be reissued on Taped Sounds sometime in February or March, so keep an eye out for that. Peep the opening excerpt below.

Orphan Fairytale- Excerpt from Neverending Waves

Orphan Fairytale Live Set in Container for Bivak Gloria

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