Monday, January 4, 2010

mp3: Pigeons "Tendress"

A few months ago a little birdie whispered some words in my ear about Pigeons. I vaguely remember searching for Pigeons, then getting sidetracked when I found myself inside a Walton Ford painting. It took months to escape, but when I did, the first thing that flew my way was Pigeons.

Probably one of the most slept on songs of 2009, "Tendress", the first track on the Lunettes 7-inch released on Soft Abuse, is the sort of super reverb'd psych Tarantino, filling the role of music director would use to a score a Neil Krug film. (see: example) One part understated desert psych, one part mystic sorcery, Pigeons exist in the ghostly halls of the Bronx, NY, free to conjure spirits from the nearly departed realm. Something tells me the group has spent some time on Hart Island, and if not, they really should try to get out there sometime soon. Rumor has it a forthcoming LP will be released on OESB, in the meantime, pick up Lunettes from Soft Abuse.

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