Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new: Friendship Bracelet 3

"And Make Out With You"Woke up at 5am today with a hankering for a lollipop. Stumbled out to the living room and grabbed a grape jawbreaker instead, then found Ian's note in my inbox. New Friendship Bracelet comp. Numero tres. I think, ill. Instantly waves of Pink Priest roll over me, drowning me in my comforter. An hour later and I'm on my 5th listen to Coasting's "Hots for Teacher", a long (for Coasting), minimalist romp through a teenage fantasy that proves beyond a doubt that Madison and Fiona are onto something both instantly familiar and totally fresh. Other standouts in the third, and in my opinion, most excellent edition of the Friendship Bracelet comp, include a new Speculator jam, a "Soaked" voyage with Fluker Love, another piece of ambient mist by Boneless and "Lover's Start (Desert Voyages)" by How to Dress Well & cokc dokc, which finds some dude crooning all Sade-like over a muffled lovers rock beat EQ'd to hell on a handheld boombox.

Download the comp here.

Video for new How to Dress Well & cokc dock track "11 Years On (demo)"

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