Wednesday, December 30, 2009

photo: Church Show with Mountain Man, Alex Bleeker, ETC

It's been a few weeks since the show at the Church in McGolrick Park. Nevertheless, it's an event that I'm more than happy to take a look back at. It helps even more when you've got photographers like Rez Avissar to remind you how special of an evening it was. His shots in this phenomenal set that truly captures the cozy, communal spirit of the evening. Hats off to Rez.

No Demons Here

Lux Perpetua

Liam the Younger

Alex Bleeker and the Mountain Man Singers

Mountain Man


Chaakles said...

these pictures are fantastic. kudos

rez said...


Anonymous said...


JP said...

not being able to go to this show = one of the most depressing parts of my month. these photos are incredible!

Anonymous said...

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