Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Saw: Stereolab/Atlas Sound

"Don't worry be happy things will get better naturally..."

Bitchin' photo by Bill
Sadly, this bobkat couldn't watch the (hilarious) trainwreck known as Sarah Palin, but happily, it was because I was getting a facefull of Stereolab...which was only made more poignant considering the top story on Pitchfork when I got home from the show. McCain family fans aside, the show was a real victory for the people, who were treated to Atlas Sound bringin' some ooey gooey shoegaze, followed by Stereolab's funkified, Chemical Chords heavy set, sweeping the crowd into a frenzy of refreshingly non-political fervor. Is it too late for McCain to ask Lætitia Sadier to be his running mate? She's certainly a hot older lady. Oh but she's French... trop mauvais...

Here's some video from Beggar's really awesome youtube channel, showing the band playing fan favorite "Percolator" in front of just a hundred or so fans in the UK

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