Monday, October 6, 2008

monday morning music: Stars of the Lid

"And Their Refinement of the Decline"

Still recovering from the weekend? Don't fret, Stars of the Lid are here to make everything better. Their orchestrated ambient compositions are truly the musical equivalent to homeopathetic medicine, an organic cure for all ills. Above is the trailer from the Stars of the Lid film, to be released in 2o10. Luckily, Austin's finest purveyors of tired sounds will be in NYC for two shows in November, as well as an appearance at the Brainwaves Festival in Boston, which also boasts Silver Apples and Bobka-favorite Marissa Nadler on its lineup. Surprisingly, there are still tickets available for Stars of the Lids shows at (le) poisson rouge. We'll be at the late one night, getting all ethereal and shit. I recommend you do the same. You can get tickets HERE.

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