Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cmj day 3: Cotton Jones

"If You See Him Floating Through The Atmosphere"

Thursday was quite the chill afternoon, even chiller considering it fell during the heart of CMJ. Gothamist had taken over the Bell House and collected quite an intriguing list of artists. Unfortunately, the Bell House's location in Gowanus isn't exactly easy to get to, nor close to any other CMJ venues. It was empty. So empty that I felt sort of awkward when I walked in, all eyes on me, as if the bands and few members of the Press (Gothamist & Stereogum) were shocked someone actually came to see the performance. I got to the end of the G-line just in time to catch 90% of the Chesapeake Bay's Cotton Jones Basket Ride, one of the bands I really wanted to catch this year. Cotton Jones, led by former Page France singer Michael Nau, sounded unbelievable on The Bell Houses's sound system (Eastern Acoustic Works, all venues should be equipped with these bad boys). Their down home blend of alt-country and folk, mixed with a considerable amount of atmospheric slide work, complimented the empty bar, as they sound like a country-tinged bar band from below the Mason Dixon line, only Cotton Jones's songs, and its players, are much more skilled at bringing whiskey soaked sadness to live than any jukebox in Anapolis is. They sounded so good I snagged a copy of their debut EP, out on Quite Scientific next week, which is one of the nicest CD's I've ever purchased. A miniature clothe bound book with a story inside, and 6 songs taboot. Easily one of my favorite shows of CMJ. Buy there EP here.

Cotton Jones Basket Ride- Midnight Monday and a Telescope

Cotton Jones Basket Ride "All Along The Year"

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