Monday, October 6, 2008

around: The Beach Boys 1967 Rehearsals

"God Only Knows"

Anyone with a more-than-casual interest in the Beach Boys should head over to Aquarium Drunkard ASAP. For the second time in a few years, AD is hosting some quintessential Beach Boys demos, recorded in 1967 during the rehearsal sessions for Pet Sounds. Simple, stripped down versions of Beach Boys classics. A must for collectors, BW obssesors and Mom and Dad. According to AD, the mp3s will be up for two weeks. Do not hesitate. Could not be recommended anymore.

The Beach Boys :: God Only Knows
The Beach Boys :: Surfer Girl
The Beach Boys :: You’re So Good To Me
The Beach Boys :: The Letter
The Beach Boys :: Help Me Rhonda
The Beach Boys :: Heroes & Villains
The Beach Boys :: Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

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