Sunday, October 26, 2008

CMJ day 1: Women/ Oxford Collapse

"Get Us Blacklisted"

Women@Cake Shop 10/21(Photo by The Roaring Twenties')
Our first show of CMJ this year was Canada's Women at the pretty rad Pop Tarts Suck Toasted day party at the Cake Shop. It was 4 in the afternoon and after a bike ride over the BillyBurg bridge to the LES, the basement of the Cake Shop really made it feel like it was 3am. Women played angular, shoegazey indie that felt appropriate in the warmly lit basement. It wasn't my favorite set of CMJ, and they were really F'ing loud, and since I've only heard them over the sorta lackluster Cake Shop PA system, I think they warrant a few listens on wax.

Oxford Collapse @ Cake Shop, 10/21(Photo by Bob Reich)
Brooklyn's beloved Oxford Collapse finished off the Pop Tarts showcase at Cake Shop Tuesday afternoon with a set combing heavily from their recently released Bits, which has found steady rotation at Bobka HQ. Their post-collegiate, askewed garage rock goes really well with Happy Hour and they were light years better than when we saw them play an acoustic set at Sound Fix a few months back. As most would note, Oxford Collapse pretty much rocks live. Go see them.

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The Oxford Collapse set is up on NYCTaper now, along with Women's set from the next night at Cake Shop