Tuesday, October 7, 2008

we saw: Department of Eagles at Bell House

(Photo by Play Vicious)
The Department of Eagles live debut last night was sort of how we expected it to be; a warm night of bedroom songs played in front of a super attentive audience. Daniel Rossen sounded great and made for a warm and convivial host, often noting how "cool" the evening was. Rossen and fellow Eagle Fred Nicolaus were backed by Grizzly Bear's Chris Bear on drums and backing vocals, bassist, and opening act, Nat Baldwin and the Dirty Projectors Angel Deradoorian on keyboards and harmonies. Much of the night seemed like a rehearsal, mellow and really laid back, as if we were in a friend's barn. Rossen made it work, often noting flubs and rehashing inside jokes about Jimmy Jawn (or John), aka "Grizzly Bear's code word for anything finger-picky and twangy." Dept. of Eagles ran through a host of new songs, including "1997", as well as Rossen's infamous cover of JoJo's "Too Little Too Late", dedicated to lead Grizzly Bear Ed Droste. However, the warmest crowd reaction came, not surprisingly, during "No One Does It Like You", the first single from In Ear Park and one hell of a pop song. For those wondering, yes, the band was able to recreate the stunning harmonies that permeate In Ear Park, as well as many of the haunting textures that make the album feel at home in the chilly October night. No DoE tour dates scheduled, but if your going to the Book Eaters Revenge tonight, you're in for a special treat. Peep P4k's video of DoE performing on a roof in Brooklyn.

(side note: Is it me or is Daniel Rossen always wearing that shirt?)

Department of Eagles "In Ear Park


Clifford said...

I liked your review of the Dept. of Eagles show, I need to get their new album now.....did you make it to either Hot Chip Show this past weekend? I know everyones tastes are different, but I really think Hot Chip puts on one of the best shows right now....although I did think their show last spring was better. The big difference was they had a live drummer (full kit, they always have other percussion) this time, whereas last time it was electronic. Which meant at this show you could not feel the bass as much but the drummer was really good and put on an awesome performance. (Kind of reminded me of that Candadian Dance Rock Band whose name has left my brain) As much as I want to see Hot Chip again I want them to stop touring so Al Doyle (guitar/perc) can tour with LCD Soundsystem.

I live in Brooklyn and I am kind of out of it for upcoming shows this fall/winter any suggestions?

- Cliff

By the way I went to high school with Marc Guy.

McG said...


We were indeed at the Hot Chip show on Friday and it raged. My roommate was also at the April show and he also thought it was better than Friday, but I had a damn good time.

CMJ starts in roughly two weeks so there are a ton of good shows coming up. The Brooklyn Vegan show at Music Hall with Passion Pit should be fun. Send me your email and I'll hook up the DoE record an some suggested shows.


Clifford said...


Anonymous said...

Hey McG,

I'm a huge fan. Keep doing what you're doing and holding it down in that twin bed of yours.


McG Admirer

Anonymous said...

who is this cliff character? I question his judgment.

Anonymous said...


Why did you go see department of Eagles at Bell House monday night when Okkervil River was playing at Webster Hall? Suspect choice on your part. You really missed out.

Will Sheff Lover