Friday, October 10, 2008

tonight: Of Montreal

"Ninja's prove it"

Skeletal Lampings lyrics I can't wait to hear Georgie Fruit sing tonight, in no particular order:

"We can do it softcore if you want, but you should know that I go both ways."
"The sky is pregnant with faggots"
"I'm a mother fucking headline and bitch you don't even know it"
"I'm just a black she-male"
"When we get together it's always hot magic"
"You've gots a super wicked style, show it to me baby, let me see it baby"
"A freaky permiatation, something like Voltron"
"I'm not worth knowing cause I'm probably dead"
"We climbed upon the rocky shore and freaked out on the mountain goats"
"I was a hater in the depths of an emotional hibernation"
"I took her standing in the kitchen, ass against the sink"
"It's time to penetrate their fantasies"
"I'm so sick of sucking the dick of this cruel cruel city"
"Still some gentle people fucking to strawberry letter 23"
"You should call sometime, I wont answer but at least I'll know you care, How will you know its me, Caller Id"
"I live to make you call my name"
"Turning tricks on the hood of Jasmine's car"
"Biting the prick that feeds me in my sister's bathroom"
"How can I function? There's no more Apollonian beauty to behold"
"I want you to be my pleasure puss, I wanna know what its like to be inside you"
"Bless my lips with your sunlandic kisses"


"I wanna slap face your face, I wanna paint your nails, I wanna make you scream, I wanna braid your hair, I wanna kiss your friends, I wanna make you laugh, I wanna dress the same, I wanna defend you, I wanna squeeze your thighs, I wanna kiss your eyelids and corrupt your dreams, I wanna crash your car, I wanna scratch your cheeks, I wanna make you sick, I wanna sell you out, want to expose your flaws, I wanna steal your name, I wanna show you off, I wanna tell you lies, I wanna write you books, I wanna turn you on, I wanna make you come 200 times a day"

What are your favorites? Old and new? See ya at the Roseland.

"Wicked Wisdom" Live in Durham


Anonymous said...

Hey McG,

I just had a atop a white horse wearing only underwear and a belt. Sound familiar?


McG Admirer

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a show. Top 10 of the year.

McG said...

holy fuck yes!

McG said...

McG Admirer,

Your fantasy is my reality.