Monday, October 13, 2008

New Animal Collective due in January

"You've got so much inside..."

So this somehow escaped me over the weekend, but one of the most Bobka'd bands out there, Animal Collective, has (cryptically) revealed the title to their new album, as well as a tracklisting (via Stereogum). It's called Merriweather Post Pavilion, which you may know as an outdoor amphitheatre in Maryland, and includes the following tracks:

01 In The Flowers
02 My Girls
03 Also Frightened
04 Summertime Clothes
05 Daily Routine
06 Bluish
07 Guys Eyes
08 Taste
09 Lion In A Coma
10 No More Runnin
11 Brother Sport

The rumor mill (aka stereogum's comments section) purports the following possible song name translations from AC's recent live shows. In order of most likely to be true, based on commenters confidence:

Old Name - New Name
"Bearhug" = "Summertime Clothes"
"House" = "My Girls"
"Dancer" = "In the Flowers"

Here's some video, and mp3's of "Brother Sport" and "Daily Routine" from earlier in the year. Enjoi.

Animal Collective- Daily Routine (5/28/08 Lisbon, Portugal)

Animal Collective- Brother Sport (5/28/08 Lisbon, Portugal)

Animal Collective "Summertime Clothes" @ Hove Festival

Animal Collective "Daily Routine" @ Hove Festival

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