Tuesday, October 7, 2008

covers: Arthur Russell's A Little Lost

"A Voice In Me Is Telling Me To Run Away"

While it was a pleasure seeing the Department of Eagles live debut, for me the highlight of the night came early on, when double bass aficionado Nat Baldwin took to a cover of Arthur Russell's "A Little Lost." There is no doubt that Baldwin's minimalist experiments with the double bass are eerily similar to Russell's works with the cello, however, they should hardly be written off as regurgitated nostalgia, for Baldwin's songs are real, living, breathing gems. That said, his version of "A Little Lost" made me feel all warm and giddy inside, like I just met a girl I really like and want to hold her hand and take her out to dinner and all that crap.

Coincidentally, my favorite Jens Lekman cover is his version of "A Little Lost", which we featured a while back. You may remember that Jens took a stab at "A Little Lost" r for the 4 Songs by Arthur Russell compilation, which he also curated. Jens, who will be in town doing a "singing DJ set" during CMJ, really has a way with the kalimba on his Take Away Shows version. And yes, Arthur Russell crushes it as well. All thee videos below for aural and visual stimulation.

Nat Baldwin "A Little Lost"

Jens Lekman "A Little Lost"

Arthur Russell "A Little Lost"


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I love the sound of Jens on a subway ride...perhaps to Greenpoint?


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