Friday, October 24, 2008

video: Marissa Nadler "Thinking of You"

"All Through The Morning"

Marissa Nadler just posted this beautiful and heart-wrenching video for Songs III: Bird on the Water standout "Thinking of You." The song, written from the point of view of an abandoned and emotionally shattered ex-lover, is one of the most honest, and utterly affecting post-break up songs I've ever heard. The song, and this accompanying video by Jennifer Cox, represent exactly what it feels like when you can't stop thinking about an ex and the times you spent together. From Marissa's blog:
"I couldn't help posting this lovely and beautiful video that Jennifer Cox was nice enough to make for me. It is for the song "Thinking of You" of off my recent record Songs III: Bird on the Water. I held off on posting it for a while because I think that it was so emotional and perhaps brought me back to the darkness of the time when I wrote it. Thank you Jennifer, thank you the actors, and thank you.
Not the best way to kick off a weekend, but, if you can get through this and not feel absolutely devastated by the end, consider yourself to be in a very good place mentally. Either that, or you have no soul.

By the way, Marissa will be playing the Kemado showcase tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Dungen, the Muslims, TK Webb and Cheeseburger. Should be a good one.

Marissa Nadler "Thinking of You"

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