Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CMJ filler: Bon Iver

"Who Will Fight"
(Photo by Ryan Muir)
Since were busy working day jobs, attending day parties and night time showcases, its pretty much impossible to post anything CMJ related. Yeah, it's been one day and I'm already thoroughly exhausted. So, in place of anything new and exciting, here is a video from the first show I attended at last year's CMJ, the Bon Iver set at the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at the Bowery Ballroom. If you didn't know, it single handedly assured the world that Justin Vernon is an undeniable talent. I was mesmerized, as were most, and walked away with one of the last handmade copies of For Emma, Forever Ago. A year later, For Emma... sounds just as fresh as the autumnal air.

Bon Iver "Skinny Love" @ CMJ 2007


Clifford said...

Couldn't agree day of CMJ and I am still rough shape from last night, that was poor planing on my part. I did however see three good to great shows at Arlene's Grocery last night.

Black Taxi, which is my friends band, was the best I have seen them. I have been watching them for three years now and to be honest they have plateaued this past year (and I subsequently stopped seeing them) but they came back last night with a vengeance. They finally started using some keys (a sweet Rhodes which used to live in my apartment), and the four songs they wrote with it are epic.(I know that is cliche but I could not think of a more appropriate description) The song writing duo of Bill Mayo (guitarist) and Ezra Huelet (vocals, trumpet, keys) have really come into their own. Sort of a mixture of Funky, dancey, Daft Punk guitar, some straight hard rock stones style, and now they are working in the smooth sound of the rhodes in there...fucking fantastic.

After that PEEPHOLE played and they sounded good although to be honest I was upstairs for most of the show drinking my weight in whiskey.

When I did make my way downstairs I enjoyed the drummer for PEEPHOLES, playing easy to dance to break beat rhythms.

I was going to leave at this point, and probably should have but I stuck around because I was so intrigued with the next band...the digs.

The had a great "heavy indie rock" sound. The bassists was the best musician I saw all night, and he was also the best singer I saw all night as well. Unfortunately the guitarist sings about half their songs, and frankly they should change that. But most of all this guy could wail on the bass (I didn't realize it was possible). Very often I find that bassists in these indie bands are the weak link in the band since they were once ok guitarist, but wanted to be in a band so they could pull off bass as well. This works for some but for the most part it leads to a bands sloppy downfall. With out the bass holdin it down everyone on the dance floor just seems confused.

Time to go back out their and do it all over and over again.(Like a Monkey with a miniature symbol)

McG said...

cliff, the joy of repetition really is in you.

Anonymous said...

This Cliff guy is questionable. I don't know about his taste in music, I once heard he went to a Hanson concert in like '97... and liked it.

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