Wednesday, April 16, 2008

new: Atlas Sound

"Right On, Right On"
It seems like every other day Bradford Cox releases a new tune via the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound/ Lotus Plaza blog. Not that we have a problem with that, in fact, we like it so much we've subscribed to the blog via RSS, which is a great way to keep up with the outpouring of music Bradford has unleashed in the past months. Last night he posted the following.
After the Deerhunter show at the Market Hotel Friday, I became extremely ill. Lockett and I had both been suffering from a severe flu, but I think exhaustion and too much cigarette smoke pushed me beyond my limits and by Sunday, the 13th I had to go to the emergency room in Manhattan. I honestly felt like I was dying and there is no better time to explore and relive small tears in your past than to have them floating in front of you in a haze of painkillers and i.v. bags.
"April 13th" is a loopy bit of Animal Collective-like happy schizo pop. Warm and inviting, weird and charming all at the same time. According to Bradford "this should give you an idea of what to expect of a solo A.S. performance" (he had been performing with a band, see here, here). "April 13th" is a doozy; nearly twelve minutes of floating melody hung in a perpetual purgatory like state, cuddled with pharmaceutically entranced vocals and all the subtle nuances of sound you'd expect from a Deerhunter or Atlas Sound song. It's reminiscent of "Youth Energy" in form and length, but more focused than the instrumental from the How I Escaped The Prison of Fractals EP. The bells and dreamy, aesthetic optimism also bring Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel standouts "Quarantined" and "On Guard." It's a behemoth of love soaked in high grade opiates, bells and synths, looped over and over for your aural pleasure. "Right On Right On" (or is it "Ride On, Ride On").

Atlas Sound- April 13th

P.S- I thought I had this song on repeat, but it just segued perfectly into Augustus Pablo's dub plate classic "Unity Dub." So much so that I didn't realize the song had ended until I heard Pablo's signature reverb/echo/delay flying snare hits. A compliment if there ever was one.

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