Wednesday, April 2, 2008

coming soon: The Parson Red Heads

"You are the ground beneath my feet"
Sometimes I wish I lived in California. The Parson Red Heads are partly responsible for this. Their music embodies all the idyllic aspects of living in Southern California (the sun, the Byrds, the semi-legalized weed), throwing the negatives (smog, traffic, Hollywood) out the window, or, more appropriately, the roof, as their music feels like it should come with the purchase of a vintage convertible.

A couple months back I had the opportunity to talk to Evan Parsons, who sent me their wonderful pop gem "Punctual as Usual", and informed me that the band would soon be issuing a new EP. Yesterday, I got the email that Owl & Timber will see the light of day May 20th. He was also kind enough to send along two standouts from the EP, including the first single "Got it All." If you live, or find yourself, in Cali-for-nia be sure to catch The Parson Red Heads at one of their upcoming shows.

Upcoming Shows:
April 07 @ The Echo w/The Weather Underground- Los Angeles
April 24 @ The Prospector w/Everest – Long Beach, CA
May 08 @ Amnesia w/J. Tillman, The Monahans – San Francisco, CA
May 09 @ Spaceland “EP release show” w/J. Tillman- Los Angeles
May 24 @ Detroit Bar w/Willoughby, TBA – Costa Mesa, CA
June 19 @ The Rickshaw Stop w/West Indian Girl – San Francisco, CA

The Parson Red Heads- Punctual As Usual
**Highly Rec
The Parson Red Heads- Got It All

The Parson Red Heads- Crowds (new EP version)

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