Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Morning Music: Peter and the Wolf

"It's ok to run, we expect ya back"
Hungover? Hating sun light? Bad case of morning breath? Don't worry, we feel the same way. Only one cure for a dehydrated dilemma like this, Sunday morning music.

Sunday morning music is the polar opposite of Saturday night music. Quiet, introspective and hopefully soothing, this new section will heal the wounded and make becoming an active participant in the day a little less daunting than usual. This week we're featuring an artist who I've been meaning to post about since founding the Bobka, Red Hunter aka Peter and the Wolf. A nomadic boho, Hunter has been making some of the simplest, most introspective music around for some time. He won me over big time in the fall of 2006 with his album Lightness, which eventually became the soundtrack to my travels in South East Asia last winter. Lightness is a whistful dream of a record that often feels like floating on an ethereal plane. Red says it much better:
Lightness is a whole record about that feeling when you wake up all sentimental from a dream and you want to call your friends and ask How is your health, how's your dad, how's travels? It is about those good mornings when you're just wishin' everybody well.
More than any other song on the record, "Safe Travels" seems to epitomize the carefree, freewheeling, well-wishing spirit in which Lightness was crafted. Perfect for roaming the back streets of foreign lands, waking up in harbors half way across the world and curing an ailing headache.

Peter and the Wolf- Safe Travels
Peter and the Wolf- The Owl
Peter and the Wolf- The Apple Tree

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