Tuesday, April 1, 2008

classic: Korn

"All day I dream about sex"
For music fans, searching through endless stacks of records for an obscure album, or "digging in the crates," is akin to Indiana Jones quest for the Holy Grail. Like Indie's quest, it can often be a long, painful road to fulfillment, however, occasionally, trolling used record stores and sendspace archives pays off and it's as if you are suddenly complete. Yesterday I was lucky enough to experience a moment of utter transcendence after stumbling upon a rare copy of 3/9/2002, revered by music geeks as the 'holy grail' of Korn bootlegs.

The show, which took place in Santiago, Chile, has been the stuff of legend since Manuel, a Chilean Korn fan, posted a short video on the KornSpace hours after literally having his face rocked off by Munky's incendiary fretwork during "Freak on a Leash." The video shows Manuel's face melting, the skin actually dripping from his skull into a mud puddle, as Manuel continues to mosh with his Chilean brethren at the Monsters of Rock concert. The incident, dubbed "the most extreme thing in the history of rock" by former Korn production manager Ed "Shakes" Gryzbowski, has been parodied thousands of times in videos by metal fans around the world, who believe Manuel is the bastard son of "Metal God", aka Rob Halford of Judas Priest. This legendary show has been rumored to have been taped for years, however this is the first time a physical soundboard copy has surfaced. Without further adieu, I present you with: Korn- 3/9/2002 Santiago, Chile (Full Show)
2.Good God
5.Dead Bodies
8.Falling Away From Me
9.It's On
10.Make me Bad
12.Freak on a Leash
13.Somebody, Someone
14.Kill You
15.Shoots and Ladders

Korn- Santiago, Chile, 2002 (Full Show)

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