Sunday, April 13, 2008

ha: Wild Knights "Beaver Patrol"

"I hustle chicks"
We've been on a bit of a garage psych kick the past few weeks. So much so that our friend Bill at Sound Bites is waiting for a post on the Count Five (Bill, see below). While they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I simply couldn't pass thing one up on title alone. Truth is there are no shortage of aptly titled obscure garage psych compilations out there (Nuggets being the most famous), however, this one really caught my eye: Acid Dreams Epitaph- 75 Minutes of Green Fuz. How 'bout that, eh? Not only does this mix essentially define punk before punk was even a notion in a pissed of kids head, but it includes one of the most absurd songs I've ever heard (and yes I'm factoring in the entire R. Kelly catalog). The song in question, The Wild Knights "Beaver Patrol." Yeah, maybe its a bit dated, sorta sexist and flat out, um, in your face, but hey, who says music shouldn't make you laugh, cry and rock out at the same time?
My favorite way of getting kicks/ I go down town, I hustle chicks/ Beaver Patrol! (Beaver Patrol!)/ One good thing that's on my side/ It's a big bad car, it's out of sight/ Beaver Patrol!
The Wild Knights, indeed. In all fairness, "Beaver Patrol" is far from an accurate depiction of the Acid Dreams Epitaph comp, which is way better than this novelty sex song. But I'll prove that some other time. If "Beaver Patrol" isn't exactly "your thing", and maybe it's best that way, then check out The Count Five's "Pyschotic Reaction", a jangly rave up with a classic garage rhythm sure to bring you back to Kevin Arnold's world, or something like that.

The Wild Knights- Beaver Patrol

The Count Five- Psychotic Reaction


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I've never actually heard the original version of "Beaver Patrol."

But I'm quite familiar with Pop Will Eat Itself's cover that was a single in 1987...

And, yay, Count Five!

Anonymous said...

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