Tuesday, April 15, 2008

whoa: Circulatory System

"You were never so high"
We've been hearing rumors for a while that Will Cullen Hart's post-Olivia Tremor Control band Circulatory System would be releasing an album in '08. Now there's proof and we're fucking psyched about it. If you know Bobka, you know we like psychedelic anything; art, music, shoes, drugs, animals(?). Whatever it is, we like it a little fuzzy, a bit skewed and trippy as balls (see The Sea & Cake video below). So when P4K posted about 3 new jams on Circulatory System's MySpace, we immediately hopped on the bus and hit the information super highway seeking enlightenment, or something like it, via loopy bedroom psych. So far we're really digging "Same Place", a track full of opiated vocals, Beatles in India guitars, homemade percussion and a quirky maelstrom of bizarro instruments you've grown to expect from the E6'ers. All that makes for a what feels like a very lucid sleepwalk through a rainy Amazonian jungle. Listen here.

If you've peeped my muxtape you might have expected this post. Why? Because it's spring and nothings better on the train than some weird Elephant 6 fuzz to combat the itchy crackhead lady sitting next to you trying to free the bugs from under her skin. Creepy, but hey, that's what drugs do. It's not pretty, unless you grew up in Ruston and were/are part of a highly touted, experimental psych pop collective that's sorta kinda based out of Athens, but not really. If you don't believe us about the psych, etc, just peep the video for "Should A Cloud Replace A Compass?"

Oh yeah, the image at the top is from Circulatory System's My Space wallpaper, which might be the best, most appropriate wallpaper I've ever seen on the crap ass social network.

Circulatory System- Yesterdays World
Circulatory System- Now

"Should A Cloud Replace A Compass?": A Short film by Joey Foreman

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Chaakles said...

psychedelic animals...where can i get one?