Wednesday, April 23, 2008

remixed: Radiohead

"A handshake of carbon monoxide"
Before Radiohead hooked fans up with the tracks to make their own remixes, producers had to take it upon themselves. Such is the case with Panzah Zandahz, the beat constructor who does an excellent job tweaking exquisitely arranged, multifaceted "rock" songs and transforming them into stoney downtempo killers well suited for late night blunt cruises, or early morning fornication. From what I understand, Charles found this at Charleston's 525. He thought it looked odd and sweet, albeit expensive (especially for a CD-R). We'll I'm certainly glad he shelled out the loot that fateful afternoon because Radiohead: Me and This Army is well worth the purchase. Nice score, Chuck. Panzah post apocalyptic Radiohead Panzah get a facelift from hip hop mad housers MF DOOM, Ghostface, Gift of Gab and Mr. Lif. While their lyrical contributions are welcome, they pale in comparison to subtle tweaks Zandahz works in and around Radiohead classics.

Radiohead- No Surprises (none at all really) {reconstructed by Panzah Zandahz}
Radiohead- Daytona 500 (panzah zandahz iron lung remix featuring Ghostface)

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