Friday, April 1, 2011

comp: Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning

Arms Wide Open

OESB is back after a break stint of vacay with a new comp paying tribute to one of the greatest, most mind-bendingly peculiar acts in recent memory– Creed. The new six song comp features masterful reworkings, covers, reduxes from the likes of Autre Ne Veut, Alice Cohen, Pretty Lightning, Sleep Creep, Hurricane Ike and Green Gerry. The deliverable is a slice of post-modern classicism, with each artist focusing a morsel of a Stapp's catalog, breaking it down into pieces, and re-assessing it as fresh material in their own vein. Take Alice Cohen's cover of "Higher." I'm pretty sure Alice is not a Creed fan, but she breaks down the #1 Mod-Rock Worship track into an unsettling tweaker ballad– hairspray huffing vox and all. (At first I thought Jimmy Ferraro was spitting pitch vox, but I stand corrected.)

ANV does his thing all over "What's this Life For?"– squealing and shifting directions like vocal shuttle runs over blown out bass-snare hits and distorto guitar-synths(?) akin to his wavering vox. All sorts of alter boy sins cumming to in the confession room on this one. Meantime, Green Gerry turns "With Arms Wide Open" into a cathedral reverb, neck clapper. A fresh new beginning for OESB, who reportedly maybe turning this into an infinite mixtape.

Download Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning (an OESB Tribute to Creed)