Monday, January 24, 2011

radio: Sunday Brunch- 1/23/2011

Download yesterday's Sunday Brunch: The Limited Capacity Edition now. Half way through this episode you will be treated to a live performance by EOLA, aka Edwyn from TONSTARTSSBANDHT's project. Really beautiful, gospel choir harmonizations. Highly rec'd checking it out. Be sure to hit up Newtown Radio every Sunday between 2-4PM for premo jams.

Sunday Brunch: Limited Capacity Edition 1/23/2011
Tesla Effect -> tape improv
Curren$y- King Kong
Lil B- God Kissed Me
Autre Ne Veut- Loveline
Survive- The Cave (33rpm)
Bruce Haack- Cherubic Hymn
Software- Julia's Dream
Double Fantasy- Food for Fantasy
Peter Mergener-Michael Weisner- Sunbeam (interlude)
Portishead- Over (live)
Bas Noir- My Love is Magic (dub)
Purple & Green- Right Here
Carly Simon- Why? (12" extended chic edit"
Chic- I Feel Your Love Comin On
INXS- I Need You Tonight (mendelsohn mix)
Soft Machine- Moon in June
KLF- 3AM Eternal


Robert Wyatt- Born Again Cretins
EOLA- new song
Harmonizer- tape excerpt
Monopold Child Star Searchers- Waterfall Intro.
Curren$y's Jet Life Block
Lil B- I'm Miley Cyrus

Download Sunday Brunch: Limited Capacity Edition 1/23/2011

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hoober said...

there must be some mistake, can't find eola songs at this episode!