Tuesday, February 1, 2011

radio: Sunday Brunch: Ambient Drift

Residing in the rear of an infinite cave, this two-hour episode of Sunday Brunch dives into the trenches, broadcasting from the depths of the Earth's core (or, the outer-reaches of the atmosphere.) Whichever one you prefer. Take a nap.

Download Sunday Brunch: Ambient Drift
Klaus Schultz- Mirage (excerpt)
Cetacean Nation- the Kealakua Bay
MM- FM Static
Gas- Pop 5
Ten Thousand Foot Whaleclaw- Slobos
Roberto Detree- Architectura Celestis
Harold Budd- Madrigals of Rose/Crystal
Roberto Detree-Die Frau
Dolphins Into the Future (excerpt)
Peter Mergener- Michael Wiesser- Rainbow
Stars of the Lid- Dont Bother Theyre Here
Stellar Om Source (random excerpt)
Keith Fullerton Whitman- Lisbon (excerpt)
Tangerine Dream- Rubycon Pt. 1 excerpt
Imaginary Softwoods (excerpt)
Outer Space (excerpt)
Emeralds- Access Granted
Free Spirit- Researching the Bermuda Triangle
Lil B- Letter to Family
MM- Muted Wave
OPN- Pelham Island Road
Software- Self Similarity Life
High Wolf- Boneless
Software- Pyschomellow Planet
Harmonia & Eno- Weird Dream
Double Fantasy- Endless Running
Free Spirit- Hov Lane

Download Sunday Brunch: Ambient Drift

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