Thursday, March 31, 2011

new: Sun Ark Cassette Editions


News from the Sun Ark is always good news, and this time it comes in a bundle of goodies. In addition to new 7" on Monofonus, which includes a cover of Teenage Fanclub's "December," which I can happily say I never saw coming. In addition, Stallones is also teaming up with friend Barrett Avner for Hold The Phone:
HOLD THE PHONE is mustard and ketchup on a deviled egg.
HOLD THE PHONE is your dad whistling at a 16-year-old girl.
HOLD THE PHONE is yin all dressed up in yang clothes.
HOLD THE PHONE is Woodstock yelling at Snoopy.
HOLD THE PHONE is Cameron Stallones and Barret Avner.
HOLD THE PHONE is two boy's talkin'.
Hold The Phone- Yellow & Blue (excerpt)

On the other hand, Sadistic Candle (Barrett Avner) is some demonic sourcing, kick-out-the-fuzz-and-beam-into-the-internal/eternal-zone jams. As Sun Ark notes, it is "a statement of purpose."

Sadistic Candles- Dead Ones Cry No More
Sadistic Candle- A1