Friday, April 29, 2011

videos: La Big Vic, Outer Space, Dolphins into the Future

Sik .MOVs

A few of my favorite videos of the moment. The (above) La Big Vic session at Newtown Radio is really something special. Hi-fi to the max, this is them peaking on a song I've been hearing them jam locally for a long while now. Couldn't be more excited for the LP to drop (Ed note: there is a song called "Bobka Jam" on the Actually Shout out Russ & Daughters!). Also, sick video for "Mr. Broken Bird" by Mr. Luke Wyatt below. Watch out.

Outer Space recently ripped arpeggios throughout the Schoolhouse and Market Hotel. The latter encounter left me with mild brain damage for 26 hours. I woke up the next day with mind ooze all over my pillow, kinda flabbergasted as to how I got home. Shout out Dunkin Donut's Egg & Cheese on Croissants.

Dophins Into The Future from Records: Experimental Sydney on Vimeo.

Tequilla Rambo homie Lieven Martins brought his Dolphins into the Future enterprise to NYC for the first time in a few years. The result was a cosmo-coral submergence, not unlike the time I went diving in Thailand and this Dutch dude named Remi put a sea urchin in my hand and it stung me and I had to squeeze purple poison out of my hand for, like, 10 minutes while breathing underwater. This video from Sydney is sublte, and awesome.

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