Monday, February 7, 2011

video: Laurel Halo "Diazeugma"


Laurel Halo's excursions into various digital formats has been exciting to watch unfold. While her debut EP on Hippos in Tanks is a highly focused work of "synth-pop," for lack of a better word, her meanderings in other mediums, and her live shows, showcase an artist unafraid to improv, no matter what the format. I recently caught her at Pianos and it was a pleasure to hear her go to the midi-house castle– ditching any predilection for "pop", and going straight for the back alley clubs of her native Michigan.

While "Diazeugma" isn't an ode to Carl Craig, it does find Laurel messing with digital editing tools and in doing so, creating a wash of rhythmic interplay suitable for fucking with first time DXM experimentalists.

The video for "Diazeugma" can be found on The Report V.II. In addition, the tune will appear on a forthcoming NNA tapes release. More on those cats in a bit.

Grip The Report V.II here.

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