Monday, March 29, 2010

mix: Broken Deer Songs for Imbolc

"Rock-A-Bye Baby"

Crafted "to celebrate the halfway point between the dark and light season," Broken Deer's Songs for Imbolc crawls into ones consciousness like a mistaken memory tiptoeing ever-so-softly down a rickety hallway. "Shh," you tell yourself, thinking you heard something but wholely unaware of what's lurking in the midst. More intimate than being sung to sleep by your grandmother from the old country, Broken Deer's pitched falsetto runs the gamut from obliquey fascinating to borderline annoying before swaying back into utter fantasy, the sort of sure-hearted tonic that drowns all concerns in lust-lorn thunderstorms. She sings the songs you wish you had sung to yourself walking home through the rain in the middle of the night. Songs for Imbolc is perfect for a rainy morning like today, or basically any other solitary moment. Also, be sure to check out Alice Cohen's video for "White Woman", which will be released on Broken Deer's next record, POLARAURA, due out this June on Gandhara Recordings.

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