Thursday, February 11, 2010

mp3: Games "Planet Party"

"Time to Have Sex"
Too much bullshit, not enough jams. Fuck "Let the Music Play," gimme Games new "Planet Party," the Madonna-Phil Collins collabo you dreamed of rolling up in a white Caddie smoking PCP and talking shit about your girlfriend's weave, and your jheri curl. Best part is you, the jheri curl mofo, don't even give a fuck cause Games flying in so hot and stlying in some Marvin Gaye silk suit lined with a pound of Colombia's finest, makin er'one feel like a star. It's lingo, but it's appropriate. Scarface would approve, if he made it to the party. (Scarface dead. RIP Scarface.)

Apparently this Games shit is coming direct from the same porthole responsible for Zones Without People and Rifts between A Pact of Strangers, whatever it is, its hot and the KGB Man most surely gonna be gripping it, cutting it and reselling it to the streets for five times what he bought it for.

Games- Planet Party (demo)

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Mark Schoneveld said...

Wow, that could be straight from the Miami Vice soundtrack.