Thursday, February 18, 2010

video: The Twerps "Another One"

"That Didn't Come"

Riding the high seas of apathy and general youthful neglect, the Twerps make your miserable moments seem a lot less pathetic. The evening walk to the corner store to get a beer and some bread becomes an adventure, as, well, you haven't left your home in days. You've just been sitting their starring at the wall, waiting for someone to call, or some unidentified package, a postcard from an old friend, or a new phone book. Petty shit that we all obsess over cause we have nothing better to do. Somehow the Twerps make it all sound so fresh. Maybe its the backwards spinning toilet water, but probably something else. I'm guessing its something else, especially considering they just opened for Yo La Tengo in Melbourne.

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